VERIFY® Reports

Point of Entry Reports

Our reports provide instantaneous screening of new homestead exemption applications at the point of application. Trust but Verify.

VERIFY® Reports Features

VERIFY® Reports promote efficiencies for your office in several key areas

Check Every Application

Instantaneous screening of all new applications​

Improve Accuracy

All stakeholders benefit from an optimized tax roll

Increase Productivity

Checking all applications automatically allows staff to complete other tasks


Use our API for custom integration into your existing software

Safe & Secure

Reduce office foot traffic by offering more online services to your constituents

Promote Fairness

Check exemption applications using the same process for all citizens

The management is checking the accuracy of the company budget information.

Improved Accuracy ​

All stakeholders in your jurisdiction benefit from an accurate tax roll. Critical services like the Police, Fire Department, Schools depend on proper assessments. VERIFY® Reports ensure valid exemptions are granted from day one eliminating the long term cost of bad data entering your tax roll.

Reduction in Time and Costs

VERIFY® Reports help you save time & costs by quickly identifying suspect applications in need of further research. Focusing staff time & research data costs on only these records can yield significant savings.

Less Labor​

Get more work done with less labor. With VERIFY® Reports you can automate the exemption application process which gives your staff more time each day to complete other important tasks.

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