Past & Present Tax Rolls

A comprehensive analysis of your entire database of parcels containing residency-based or “Homestead” exemptions. Our finely tuned A.I. technology yields highly accurate and paperless audit results provided to you within a secure, web-based interactive system requiring no contact with parcel owners and no software to purchase.

VERIFY® Audits Features

VERIFY® Audits benefit you and your jurisdiction in the following ways

Recover Lost Revenue

Properly fund all essential services in your jurisdiction by correcting invalid exemptions using the VERIFY® auditing system.

Accuracy Breeds Confidence

Earn goodwill from citizens by ensuring the tax roll is both fair and accurate.

Save 1000's of Hours

Use A.I. technology to quickly examine every owner of every record in your database without using any new staff. All your results are securely stored online automatically.

Complete Records Save Time

The VERIFY® Audit process provides you complete evidence for each invalid exemption. Just review, decide and let VERIFY® take care of the rest.

O Impact Audit

Reduce office foot traffic by offering more online services to your constituents. The VERIFY® Audit process requires NO contact with citizens which increases office efficiencies and reduces friction.

Customize Your Analysis

Sort the results based on your priorities and staff needs to increase your ROI.

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Recovering Lost Revenue

Invalid exemptions have often gone undetected for years. The VERIFY® Audit system not only identifies the invalid exemption with fully documented evidence, it also includes proof of how many tax years are recoverable based on local statutes.

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Save 1000's of Hours

The VERIFY® Audit system securely stores every action taken during your audit process. Every Decision you make, every Note entered, every Notice mailed, and even every Dispute filed — all are carefully stored. When the job is done you’re done. Parcel information is ready whenever you need it whether it be 4 weeks later or even 4 years later. No filing cabinet needed.

Close-up of files and file folders on a desk top in an office.
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0 Impact Audit Saves Staff Time

Conventional exemption audits include the mailing of intrusive questionnaires seeking personal information from a large group of citizens. This sows doubt and alarm in the community resulting in increased phone calls and visits to your office. VERIFY® Audits A.I. technology enables a comprehensive audit with NO contact required.

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