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VERIFY® Software is One Powerhouse with two applications.  Both VERIFY® Audits and VERIFY® Reports leverage the same A.I. technology.  By the time you see results from either service, large swaths of data have already been obtained, processed and analyzed with results tailored to your specifications.


Hundreds of Data Sources

...yield accurate & complete records for you!

Large amounts of targeted personal information is necessary for A.I. to deliver extremely accurate results in a short amount of time.  Fortunately over the last 10 years the VERIFY® software system has amassed millions of records by collecting, cleansing and analyzing personal information obtained directly from contracted public, private and governmental data sources.

A.I. Technology Does the Heavy Lifting save you time!

VERIFY® software uses a proprietary method of merging your tax roll data together with relevant personal information for every single parcel owner.  Benefiting from years of training by our data scientists, the VERIFY® software system then analyzes the data and quickly detects invalid exemptions using the latest technology available within the Google Cloud Platform. Regardless of whether the invalid exemption is hidden in your existing tax roll or a non-qualified request comes from a new application, VERIFY® software technology saves your staff time and costs by rapidly identifying these important records for review. VERIFY®  software has been trained to spot invalid exemptions due to a variety of factors such as:

Rental Properties

Duplicate Exemptions

Deceased Owners

Separate Exemptions for Spouses


You Get Results!

It's that simple

Implementing the VERIFY® software system gets results that help your jurisdiction. First, the VERIFY® Auditing system improves the accuracy of your existing homestead exemption database promoting a fair and equitable tax roll for all citizens. Corrected parcels yield significant tax revenues rightfully due to your jurisdiction now and into the future. Second, by integrating the VERIFY® Reports system into your exemption onboarding process, you can be sure all new applications are automatically vetted, saving staff labor and expense. These two services work in tandem by continually delivering actionable results that keep your tax roll accurate and recover lost tax revenue all while availing your staff the time needed to complete other important office responsibilities.


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