The team at Assessure Systems brings decades of experience specializing in a variety of fields including residential and commercial mortgage lending, title abstracting, legal and notarial services, research and skip-tracing.

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Assessure Systems is founded with the goal of empowering the assessment process by using advanced technology for the benefit of all citizens.


First of several patent-applications filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Software development begins.


Paperless exemption auditing software development progresses rapidly using first generation proprietary algorithms to efficiently identify invalid exemptions within large tax rolls: the first application of this technology in the exemption auditing field.


Assessure signs the first agreement to utilize its proprietary auditing system with Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.


Assessure files additional patent applications. Development of the auditing system continues with the team of expert software designers at ‘Not Rocket Science’ (NRS). Additional Louisiana parishes sign audit agreements.


Assessure clients collectively surpass $5M+ of recovered tax revenue from exemption audits across Louisiana.


Assessure expands its technology team to include Google+DITO. Exponential growth and speed are realized through the application of AI and ML to the audit process. Additionally, Assessure adopts cloud technology with a conversion to the Google Cloud Platform. Assessure and NRS work with DITO’s data scientists to demonstrate invalid exemption detection is possible at-scale using Google AI technology.


With these demonstrated results and continued fieldwork throughout the state of Louisiana, Assessure files new patent applications for VERIFY® Reports. Built specifically for assessment professionals, VERIFY® Reports help instantly validate new exemption applications originating either online or in person. Field testing of VERIFY® Reports begins with key assessment professionals in Louisiana and Texas.


Assessure forms a strategic partnership with i3-Software & Services: a leading developer of technical solutions for the public sector creating greater efficiencies for audit clients throughout the state. Use of Assessure technology in Louisiana parishes approaches 50% of all exemptions in the state. Assessure audit clients surpass $15M+ of recovered tax revenue. Assessure officially enters the Florida market.


Assessure signs an agreement with Escambia County, Florida to utilize VERIFY® Audits and VERIFY® Reports technology. Assessure creates an API tool enabling the integration of VERIFY® Reports into any brand of CAMA software system.


Assessure collaborates with i3-Software & Services to release a new online exemption application tool fully integrated with VERIFY® Reports technology to provide instant verification of all new exemption applications -- a first of its kind technology. Assessure audit clients collectively surpass $30M+ of recovered tax revenue.

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Why are we focused on everything related to property exemptions?

We believe a fair and equitable property tax system is vitally important because all citizens benefit from the critical services provided by annual property tax collections.   For this reason our sole mission is to create new technologies that empower assessment professionals in their effort to ensure all properties are assessed accurately.

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