• Verify Audits.
    Verify Reports.
    Powered by A.I.

  • Harnessing the power of A.I. and machine learning for the benefit of assessment professionals.

  • Placing Secure Record Verification at your Fingertips:

    Assessure provides comprehensive audits of the tax rolls and point of application reports for all residency-based exemptions based off of multiple sources of independent data.

  • Revolutionizing Homestead Exemption Audits:

    Substantial reductions in time & labor with significant increases in accuracy & ROI.

  • Simple: Just press a button.

    Each identified property is delivered securely online with full documentation. Simply press a button to decide. We provide you with verified results rather than just a list.

  • Artificial Intelligence Reduces Time & Costs:

    Allowing comprehensive audits of the entire tax roll in a fraction of the time and with a substantial increase in ROI.

  • Verifies Exemptions in Real Time:

    Introducing our proprietary Verify® Software system that validates new exemption applications & renewals, and puts the power of the cloud at your fingertips.


What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning (M.L.)?

Artificial Intelligence leverages cloud-based networks of powerful computer systems to solve specific problems within very large sets of data. AI works by the rapid review and analysis of mass quantities of data and recognizing patterns based on a specifically trained model, such as identifying duplicate or erroneous Homestead Exemptions. It allows people to accomplish more in less time by eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks. Artificial Intelligence relies on Machine Learning to understand past mistakes and improve with each successive iteration.

Machine Learning is the process of teaching a network of AI computers to learn how to do specific tasks and, through repetitive teaching, improve on its ability to do the task as more training data is fed into the system. By using deep learning techniques and complex mathematical structures, called neural networks, it continually improves and become incrementally more and more efficient and accurate at completing the given tasks.

Powered by A.I. and Machine Learning, Assessure Systems has fed 100,000s of property and data records through VERIFY®, cross-referencing it against millions of data points. With each iteration, VERIFY® has become faster and more efficient, creating a true revolution in the way that Homestead Exemption Audits can be accomplished.

Benefits to Assessment Professionals:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Significant reduction in time and costs
  • Less labor
  • Substantial increases in ROI

How It Works:

Recent Work:

“The St. Tammany Parish Assessor’s Office is now partnering with Assessure Systems LLC, which has developed patent-pending software called “VERIFY®” that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning in the state homestead exemption audit process. The effort is projected to provide the parish with an additional $3 million in tax revenue annually, the assessor’s office said.”

June 30, 2017 – Times Picayune

“Through the intense investigations of your staff, we were able to collect 3 years-worth of back taxes for a great many accounts and generated over $1.5 million of property taxes…I particularly like the fact that my office was always in control of the outcome of every assessment and could take into account circumstances of which we were aware. The great thing is that your system was able to keep track of each account throughout the entire process and was easy for my staff to check into the status at any given time.”

-Conrad T. Comeaux
Assessor, Lafayette Parish

“The sheriff’s department has collected over a million dollars in homesteads,” said Caddo Tax Assessor Charles Henington. That’s right. Caddo Parish has pulled in over a million dollars in taxes in just three months this year. How are they doing it? Well, they hired a company called Assessure to audit the tax rolls and find people that were claiming homestead exemptions that didn’t qualify for them.”

Jul 21, 2017 – KTBS

“The fact that I was able to clean up my homestead exemption accounts without having to add staff was a great benefit to the taxpayers of the Parish – along with the recapturing of lost revenues…I am extremely pleased with the entire process that your company developed, with the outcomes achieved and the fact that my parish will receive over $600,000 in additional revenue each year going forward. In a second, I would vote to do the Assessure duplicate homestead exemption program again and I highly recommend it to any public official wanting to ensure fairness and equity in the assessment process.”

-Conrad T. Comeaux
Assessor, Lafayette Parish

By incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the Homestead Exemption audit process, Assessure’s patent-pending software system, VERIFY®, makes the exemption audit quicker and more efficient: saving time, money and labor. Delivering results to you more quickly, more efficiently and at less cost.