• More Than an Exemption Audit.

  • Advanced Technology at your Fingertips:

    Introducing the Proprietary Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Homestead Exemptions.

  • Reduce Time & Costs:

    Verify & Document Audit Results, New Applications, and Future Rolls.

  • Simple: Just press a button.

    Each identified property is delivered online with full documentation. All you have to do is simply press a button to approve.

  • Expanding Beyond Traditional Audit Services.

    Document homestead exemptions while vastly reducing time and costs.

  • Secure & Automated:

    Our advanced technology scores and verifies property records reducing time and costs.

  • All Decisions are Made Locally.

    Our system is customizable to your jurisdiction, budget, and schedule. You maintain control over all stages of the process.

By incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the Homestead Exemption audit process, Assessure’s patent-pending software system, Verify™, makes the exemption audit quicker and more efficient: saving time, money and labor. Delivering results to you more quickly, more efficiently and at less cost.

Assessure Systems: Putting the power of advanced technology in your hands.